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About Jay

Jay Remer, Consultant
International Protocol and Corporate Etiquette

"I work to make the interactive sessions not only informative, but also fun and enjoyable in a safe environment, where questions can be freely asked and answered, without judgement."
Jay Remer
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I am proud to have been trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services, to present a variety of interactive workshops on corporate etiquette and international protocol.

For over 40 years, I have planned and managed royal, corporate, political and social events and parties, some of them for up to 500 people. Each event or party has its own goals. I specialize in developing these events to achieve results. The key is keeping it as much fun and stress-free as possible through careful planning and an eye for detail.

Good manners and proper etiquette are based on common sense. There are reasons why we do certain things in certain ways and not in other ways. My goal is for clients to have fun sharpening their knowledge and updating their skills, and in doing so, to gain greater self-confidence, to set a good example for their peers and their families, and to develop a deep sense of respect for all people.

I find that working with people in an interactive way, increases their level of comfort and skill when dining out, preparing for a job interview, hosting a corporate lunch or dinner, and dressing and grooming for success. Many people today have not had the opportunity to learn good manners. This has a negative impact on their ability to advance in their career. With every promotion comes an increase in responsibility, both on and off the job. Because many important business transactions occur in social settings, feeling totally comfortable and confident in these situations has a real impact on making the deal.

I structure any presentation to meet your specific needs.

Watch for my newspaper column The Etiquette Guy, every week in the Telegraph Journal. Also, find my answers to your business etiquette questions every Saturday in the National Post.


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Etiquette is essentially how we do what we do.
Etiquette Guy

Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential.
Will Cuppy

Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor.
Emily Post

The principles of etiquette are all based on common sense, something severely lacking in today’s irreverent world.


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