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Effective communication and a polished image are integral parts of etiquette and good manners - hallmarks of civility. Without them, one is relegated to the sidelines of life's cornucopia. Good manners begin at home and must be taught from a very early age, earlier than one might expect. As Her Majesty once explained, "We learn as the monkeys do, from our parents". So, from the very start, we mimic our parents' behavior, their etiquette and manners, good or bad. Our parents are our leaders and are responsible for our very survival; therefore we surmise that whatever they do and however they do it must be right and acceptable.

Somewhere along the line however, etiquette and good manners have lapsed into obscurity, being sadly replaced by an attitude of self-centeredness, entitlement and rudeness. If one is to succeed either socially or in business, recapturing both proper etiquette and good manners is essential.

Jay Remer, The Etiquette Guy, is here to help. Jay grew up in a traditional household where etiquette and good manners were his ticket to success and happiness. Jay uses these disappearing skills as foundation building, learning opportunities, turning today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

You are about to enter a world where responsibility, compassion, gratitude, humility and awareness direct your decisions. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, communication skills, etiquette and good manners count.

When you want a phone consultation, a break out speaker for a corporate retreat, or a week long personal makeover, Jay will help you become open to a life of happiness, satisfaction, and achievement along your chosen path.

Jay Remer
Communication Skills, Image Building, and Traditional Etiquette
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